May 13, 2020

Amanda & Markus - 07/09 2019


The highest peaks had been hiding in the low hanging clouds for days, the fishing did not produce much and the night before it was rainy and so windy that I thought our little red cabin with grass on its roof would fly away. But on the big day magic was in the air. I woke up to clear blue skies, crisp air and sunshine. My morning coffee was enjoyed on the porch just looking out over the fjord feeling so happy. The mountains were standing tall, strong and proud, as if they knew that two wonderful people (who have been coming here for many years enjoying the nature) were about to get married at their feet. 

I have not known Amanda for long, but I love her and her passion for nature, her amazing energy, what she does to raise awareness about the small town where she lives. The way she raises her son Erik and the way she seems to have so much fun with Markus all the time, and how supportive they are of each others dreams and professions. They’re such a wonderful, inspiring family to be around. 

It has been exactly one month since they said yes to each other amongst the fjords, and I feel so grateful and blessed that our paths crossed and that I got to be there for their wedding day. I am honoured that I got to capture it, preserving it forever with photographs. Truly magical!

After a calm morning with meditation and getting ready in good company of friends it was time for Amanda and Markus to see each other for the first time. Marcus stood waiting out on the pier with two of his friends. Slowly Amanda starting walking out towards him. 

There was only sunshine and the silence of the fjord. Then laughter, kisses and joy as he turned around and saw his beautiful bride. It was a magical, strong and touching moment.